How To Encourage Your Child To Play The Piano

The piano is considered to be one of the best instruments to learn the basics of music. This is why parents will often send their children to piano lessons. The problem comes when your child is at home and has to practice for the recommended hours each week. It can be hard to get children to practice, but there are some ways that you can encourage them to play the piano.

Find The Right Teacher

The most important step you can take to encourage your child to play the piano is to find the right teacher. When looking for a teacher, you have to look past the paper credentials because a concert pianist may have the best credentials, but they might not be the right teacher. Matching your child’s personality to the teacher is important if you want them to actually look forward to playing the piano.

To see if you have chosen the right teacher, you should watch your child as they leave the lesson. You should consider if they seem happy after the lesson or if they leave the lesson looking sad, or frightened. Piano lessons should be a positive experience and if they are not, you should consider looking for a different teacher.

Be Careful With Criticism

Most parents want their children to do well at whatever they do and this can lead to criticism when things are not going well. When it comes to the piano, you need to be careful with this. You should be an appreciative audience for your child because criticism can make it very hard for them to enjoy learning the piano.

Being positive about what your child is doing will make them feel better about playing the piano. However, if every time they play you only have words of criticism for them, they will dread sitting at the piano. Happy memories of their time playing the piano will make this a beloved instrument and you will not have to do much to encourage them to play.

Create A Pleasant Environment

You need to consider where the piano in your home is located. If you have the piano in a gloomy and cold basement, your child is not going to want to play it. You should consider having the piano in a room that offers some privacy and is pleasant to be in. Providing your child with a keyboard in their bedroom also gives them some private moments where they can play the instrument without any worries about who is listening.